SGI Representatives Participate in Disaster Risk Reduction Forum

Global 2024
Speakers and participants gathered at a conference room
Hiroko Ogushi (second right) speaking in the breakout session [© Seikyo Shimbun]

On March 9, the 2024 Sendai Symposium for Disaster Risk Reduction and the Future was held at the Sendai International Center in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. The Soka Gakkai in Tohoku organized a breakout session on peace as a foundation for disaster prevention and mitigation. Speakers were Tetsuo Kondo, former director of the UNDP Representation Office in Japan, Hirotaka Koike, senior political and external affairs officer of Greenpeace Japan, and Hiroko Ogushi, SGI Young Women’s Leader. At another breakout session, organized by the Japan CSO Coalition for Disaster Risk Reduction, Nobuyuki Asai, director for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affairs of the SGI (Soka Gakkai International), spoke on early warning systems.