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News Headlines

News Highlights from Seikyo Shimbun
(the Soka Gakkai's daily newspaper)

  • Space Exhibition in Okinawa Japan Exhibition visitors view a replica of a satellite. [© Seikyo Shimbun] Space Exhibition in Okinawa Japan:

    From April 8 to 18, the Soka Gakkai is hosting the exhibition “The Universe Our Home—To live on this miraculous planet Earth” at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan in Tomigusuku City, Okinawa. The exhibition, about the wonder of the universe and our place in it, was created with the cooperation of NASA (the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration). One of the items on display is a moon rock collected during a moon landing.

  • Soka University Celebrates 50th Anniversary Japan Aerial shot of the campus The Soka University campus [© Seikyo Shimbun] Soka University Celebrates 50th Anniversary Japan:

    On April 2, Soka University in Japan published the booklet Fifty Years of Soka University to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding. As founder, President Daisaku Ikeda contributed an article commending Soka University for upholding an ethos of respect for the dignity of life and creating a network of global citizens. Congratulatory messages from Professor Emeritus Nur Yalman of Harvard University and Chairman of the China-Japan Friendship Association Tang Jiaxuan were published in the Seikyo Shimbun.

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