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Treasure the Connection: Faces of the Soka Gakkai

A video series introducing Soka Gakkai members from around the world

Trailer—Introducing the video series Treasure the Connection—Faces of the Soka Gakkai

India—A young dancer in Mumbai shares her passion to help children develop confidence in their own potential.

Japan—Have you heard of medical makeup? A specialist in Kobe helps women with low self-esteem due to chemotherapy, accidents or birthmarks.

Brazil—A young speech therapist in São Paulo helps rappers such as Rashid find their voices with her unique blend of medical care and art.

New Zealand—By facing his darkest fears, a sculptor in New Zealand rediscovers his gentler side and now aims to spread happiness through his work.

UK—A London-based puppeteer shows how puppets can help children and young people to develop creativity and give voice to hidden feelings.

Philippines—A computer engineer in Cebu never gave up hope in spite of poverty and found a way to give hope to others.

Taiwan—Cherishing the earth, a young man in Taiwan introduces natural methods to pomelo farming and enjoys sharing the fruits of his labor.

Canada—A young Canadian man facing physical challenges finds happiness and purpose in life through empowering others as a motivational speaker.

Brazil—Face to face and heart to heart; education unfolds from the encounter between one life and another.