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Treasure the Connection: Faces of the Soka Gakkai

A video series introducing Soka Gakkai members from around the world

Treasure the Connection Trailer
Introducing the video series Treasure the Connection—Faces of the Soka Gakkai

Dancing to Confidence – India
A young dancer in Mumbai shares her passion to help children develop confidence in their own potential.

A Healing Touch – Japan
Have you heard of medical makeup? A specialist in Kobe helps women with low self-esteem due to chemotherapy, accidents or birthmarks.

Voices of Hope – Brazil
A young speech therapist in São Paulo helps rappers such as Rashid find their voices with her unique blend of medical care and art.

A Path to Forgiveness – New Zealand
By facing his darkest fears, a sculptor in New Zealand rediscovers his gentler side and now aims to spread happiness through his work.

Unlocking Creativity – UK
A London-based puppeteer shows how puppets can help children and young people to develop creativity and give voice to hidden feelings.

Choosing My Destiny – Philippines
A computer engineer in Cebu never gave up hope in spite of poverty and found a way to give hope to others.

Cultivating New Value – Taiwan
Cherishing the earth, a young man in Taiwan introduces natural methods to pomelo farming and enjoys sharing the fruits of his labor.

My Biggest Challenge – Canada
A young Canadian man facing physical challenges finds happiness and purpose in life through empowering others as a motivational speaker.

Nurturing Wisdom – Brazil
Face to face and heart to heart; education unfolds from the encounter between one life and another.

An Undefeated Actor – South Korea
A Korean actor, about to give up, finds the courage to fight for his dream with a never-give-up spirit.

The Magic of Chocolate – France
For this French chocolatier, chocolate offers a way to share happiness and strengthen bonds with others.