Third Headquarters Leaders Meeting Held in Japan

Japan 2021

On April 18, the third Soka Gakkai Headquarters Leaders Meeting of the decade leading to the organization’s 2030 centennial was held at the Tokyo Toda Memorial Auditorium in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting celebrated May 3, “Soka Gakkai Day,” which commemorates the inaugurations of Josei Toda as second president of the Soka Gakkai on May 3, 1951, and Daisaku Ikeda as third president on May 3, 1960. In a video message, SGI-Venezuela General Director Lydia Salas spoke about how members are encouraging one another despite the turmoil in the country. Changes to the organizational structure of the Japanese organization’s Women’s and Young Women’s Divisions were announced, and President Ikeda sent a message in which he commended female members around the world for their contributions to peace, culture and education. The meeting included a video performance by the Soka Gloria Wind Orchestra and the Soka Shining Spirits marching band.