Peace Park Opens in South Korea

South Korea 2021
A large group of people pose for a commemorative photo outside a large building in hilly countryside
[© Seikyo Shimbun]

On August 24, Korea SGI (KSGI) inaugurated the Cheongdo Peace Park in Cheongdo County. A commemorative monument was unveiled at the opening ceremony, which was attended by KSGI representatives and officials involved in the park’s construction. The park includes a memorial facility, an activities center and a garden. Members in Cheongdo County have long supported rural communities and contributed to the development of the region. They were honored with the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Award in 1979 and the President's Award in 1984. KSGI General Director Kim In Soo expressed his joy at the opening of KSGI's second peace park and thanked all those involved in its creation.