50 Years of Book Donation Campaign

Japan 2024
A group of children with books posing for a commemorative photo.
Elementary schoolchildren with their new books, Takahagi City [© Seikyo Shimbun]

On February 2, the Soka Gakkai in Japan donated some 300 children’s books to an elementary school in Takahagi City, Ibaraki Prefecture, an area that was affected by flooding late in 2023. Over the next five years, additional books will be donated to the school. February 3 marked the 50th anniversary of the start of the book donation campaign, which began in 1974 with donations to a school on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture. Since then, more than 560,000 books have been donated to over 1,300 schools and public libraries in mountainous areas, remote islands and regions affected by natural disasters.