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How can I make a difference? How can I make a change? When I overcome doubt in myself. When I push through the darkness or despondency in my heart. When I reach out beyond myself and connect with another person. This is how the spark of hope ignites. It is here where an ever-youthful spirit can be found, where new possibilities open up and transformation starts.

Stories of Hope & Action

We each have a story—one that begins from now. The stories of others are an inspiration for that journey, an invitation for us to expand the realm of the possible.

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Being the Change

Wherever we are in the world, we are linked by the bonds of our shared humanity. Treasure the connection. Be the change.

A young speech therapist in São Paulo, Brazil, helps rappers such as Rashid find their voices with her unique blend of medical care and art.

A computer engineer in Cebu, Philippines, never gave up hope in spite of poverty and found a way to give hope to others.

A young dancer in Mumbai, India, shares her passion to help children develop confidence in their own potential.

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“Too big” is just about the right size for young people’s dreams.
What we can achieve in a lifetime is always but a fraction of what we would set out to achieve.

—Josei Toda, second Soka Gakkai President

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Includes playlists on Buddhist practice for beginners, members' stories from around the world and Soka Gakkai activities for peace