Part 2: Human Revolution
Chapter 15: “Faith for Overcoming Obstacles” [15.10]

15.10 Not Giving In to Doubt When Difficulties Arise

Referring to an important passage from Nichiren Daishonin’s writing “The Opening of the Eyes,” President Ikeda explains that the life state of Buddhahood is attained by facing and overcoming obstacles through faith.

Let’s examine a passage from Nichiren Daishonin’s writing “The Opening of the Eyes”:

“Although I and my disciples may encounter various difficulties, if we do not harbor doubts in our hearts, we will as a matter of course attain Buddhahood. Do not have doubts simply because heaven does not lend you protection. Do not be discouraged because you do not enjoy an easy and secure existence in this life. This is what I have taught my disciples morning and evening, and yet they begin to harbor doubts and abandon their faith. Foolish men are likely to forget the promises they have made when the crucial moment comes.” (WND-1, 283)

If you remember this, you’ll be fine. Please never forget this teaching.

Those who keep on striving, never doubting the power of faith even when difficulties arise, are certain to attain Buddhahood, the Daishonin assures us.

I know that many of you have memorized this passage, and that it has been placed on the Buddhist altar in many households. It is one of the most fundamental of the Daishonin’s teachings.

Difficulties are inescapable. “No one can avoid problems, not even sages or worthies” (WND-1, 681), says the Daishonin.

Since we cannot avoid them, we must overcome them. We must overcome them and attain Buddhahood.

In “Letter from Sado,” the Daishonin writes: “Iron, when heated in the flames and pounded, becomes a fine sword. Worthies and sages are tested by abuse” (WND-1, 303). Swords are tempered in fire. That’s the only way to make a sword.

In the same way, those who are tempered by criticism and abuse, by opposition and attack, become true “sages and worthies.”

From a speech at a Soka Gakkai Headquarters leaders meeting, Tokyo, September 29, 1994.

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