Part 3: Kosen-rufu and World Peace
Chapter 23: Valuing Each Individual [23.6]

23.6 Treasuring Those Striving Hard behind the Scenes

President Ikeda has always treasured those who make dedicated efforts behind the scenes. In this excerpt, he discusses this important spirit, referencing the example of Nichiren Daishonin.

In 1272, Shijo Kingo went all the way to Sado Island to visit Nichiren Daishonin in exile. On that occasion, the Daishonin handed him a letter he had written for Kingo’s wife, Nichigen-nyo, who had remained in Kamakura to take care of things in his absence.

While the Daishonin showed great care and concern for all his disciples, he was especially attentive to those striving hard behind the scenes. This was characteristic of his deeply compassionate spirit. In his letter to Nichigen-nyo, he writes:

And yet, in such a turbulent world, and when you do not even have servants you can rely on, you have sent your husband here. This shows that your sincerity is deeper even than the earth, and the earthly gods must certainly realize it. It is loftier even than the sky, and the heavenly gods Brahma and Shakra [the two main guardian deities of Buddhism] must also be aware of it (WND-1, 316).

Shijo Kingo proudly walked the path of his convictions, undaunted by the hardships that assailed him, and even visited the Daishonin on Sado Island. This was possible in no small part because of the support of his wife and family.

The Daishonin was fully aware of Nichigen-nyo’s earnest behind-the-scenes efforts, which were unknown and unrecognized by others. He is telling her: “Though we can’t meet in person, I am aware of everything you are going through. I know it is thanks to you that Kingo was able to make this journey.”

Supported by the Daishonin’s compassionate concern, knowing that he recognized their efforts and believed in them, Shijo Kingo, his wife, and their family forged ahead to overcome each difficulty they encountered. And each time they did, they further elevated their state of life and gained great good fortune.

Individuals and families who are unchanging and unwavering in their resolve whatever happens, staying true to and pursuing their chosen path to the very end, are unshakable champions with beautiful hearts.

Let’s therefore make our Soka family one of unshakable champions in faith who strive their hardest and live out their lives on this noble path come what may!

From a speech at a Culture and Friendship Family Festival, Tokyo, September 15, 1991

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