Part 3: Kosen-rufu and World Peace
Chapter 21: A Life Dedicated to Kosen-rufu [21.8]

21.8 The Soka Gakkai Is a Magnificent Realm of Inspiration and Empowerment

Looking to the future of kosen-rufu one or two hundred years hence, President Ikeda stresses the importance of fostering individuals who possess a profound philosophy and deep compassion and who can contribute to the happiness of humankind.

In one of his writings, Nichiren Daishonin observes: “Even one seed, when planted, multiplies” (WND-2, 602). An effort begun by one person, though many may not yet notice it, can eventually yield impressive results.

I am always taking action in every way I can for the sake of kosen-rufu, looking toward the distant future, a hundred or two hundred years from now.

We are planting seeds in every field of human activity that will someday grow like mighty trees and produce beautiful flowers. That’s why there’s no need to be swayed by the ever-changing events and circumstances of the present.

The Daishonin writes: “Just as all the different kinds of plants and trees come forth from the earth, so all the various teachings of the Buddha are spread by persons” (WND-1, 61). Read in the context of our movement, this passage means that everything depends on people. Not possessions, not buildings. Education, peace, and culture all ultimately hinge on how many people we can foster who will play an active role in promoting them.

My mentor, Josei Toda, always stressed that raising capable people was essential. He and I often discussed the future of kosen-rufu, sharing the vision that the Soka Gakkai would become a magnificent realm of inspiration and empowerment.

The SGI movement is indeed an unprecedented great endeavor to develop and foster people based on the supreme philosophy and compassionate spirit of Nichiren Buddhism. Not just the organization is important. Fostering people is what matters most.

The progress of the Mystic Law’s spread throughout the world depends on our success in fostering individuals who will take the lead in that effort. I would like to state clearly that each of you is such an individual, a noble pioneer of our movement.

We are engaged in an undertaking of a truly grand scale that will unfold over the ten thousand years and more of the Latter Day of the Law. It is a monumental enterprise to open wide the path to peace and happiness for all humanity based on the supreme principle of the Mystic Law.

So many in the world today still know nothing of this great teaching. No amount of wealth can buy it. It is the one, ultimate Law of the universe. Only when we base ourselves on this Law can there be a true dawn for humanity. There is no greater endeavor, no way of life more meaningful.

In the course of this long journey, it is only natural that we should meet with obstacles and difficulties from time to time. If we have hardships to overcome, we can grow and savor exhilarating joy once we surmount them. And when we strive with courageous, pure-hearted faith, all difficulties are transformed into a source of benefit and good fortune, becoming springboards for creating an even brighter future.

From a speech at an SGI general meeting, Tokyo, September 22, 1988.

The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace brings together selections from President Ikeda’s works on key themes.