Part 2: Human Revolution
Chapter 11: What Is Human Revolution? [11.5]

11.5 The True Benefit of Faith Is Human Revolution

President Ikeda explains that practicing with the Soka Gakkai is the key to advancing in our human revolution, which is the true benefit of practicing Nichiren Buddhism.

The Soka Gakkai had thus far enabled countless people to establish in their hearts a solid commitment to leading a life of working for the happiness of others.

Many of its members began to practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism because they were suffering from illness, financial troubles, family problems, or other personal difficulties. In other words, they started practicing for their own sakes. But the Daishonin writes: “You must not only persevere yourself; you must also teach others” (WND-1, 386). In addition to striving in faith ourselves, he says, it is important that we also help others do the same. Basically, it is by working for kosen-rufu out of a wish for the happiness of others that we ourselves become truly happy. This is the fusion of practice for self and practice for others. Our own struggles and earthly desires become the driving force for the ultimate bodhisattva practice that is kosen-rufu.

As we do our best for the welfare of others, we break out of our narrow lesser self that is focused only on personal concerns, and gradually expand and elevate our life state. The commitment to others’ well-being is what propels us to transform our life state and carry out our human revolution.

The lives of Soka Gakkai members, who pray wholeheartedly for the happiness of their friends and earnestly share the Daishonin’s teachings with others, brim with joy, courage, and hope. Though we may be struggling with various health, financial, or other problems, we can overcome them confidently, like an accomplished surfer who enjoys riding big waves.

The true great benefit of faith is this fundamental inner transformation and human revolution. According to the principle of the oneness of life and its environment, when our life state changes, we are able to change our environment as well, and thereby resolve all of our problems.

From The New Human Revolution, vol. 19, “Rainbow of Hope” chapter.

The Wisdom for Creating Happiness and Peace brings together selections from President Ikeda’s works on key themes.