Statement by Soka Gakkai President Minoru Harada: Fervent Prayers for Ceasefire and Return to Peace in Ukraine

Soka Gakkai President Minoru Harada issued the following statement on February 28, 2022.

The flames of war continue to spread in Ukraine. It is deeply regrettable that civilian casualties are on the rise. Many people’s lives, livelihoods and dignity have been threatened by the armed conflict. This is truly tragic. It is heartbreaking to see the dire situation every day. We strongly call for an immediate cessation of hostilities.

I hope that utmost efforts will be made by all countries concerned to prevent the situation from worsening. As a Buddhist, together with Soka Gakkai members around the world, I am offering fervent prayers for the quickest possible end to the conflict and a return to peace and safety for all.

Minoru Harada
President, Soka Gakkai